100% Natural Hemp Rope : 36mm diameter


Natural Hemp rope is often used for Handrails or Stair Banisters and Barrier Ropes, the 100% Natural Hemp Rope is what you want for authenticity in an old property in both look and touch

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My 36mm Natural Hemp rope is a very attractive 4 strand lay as opposed to the more common 3 strand variety you’ll see on other websites. (A strand is the small rope that wraps around the other small ropes to make the main big rope). It’s a beautiful rope and very popular for banisters. If you want me to give the rope an olde look then I can scorch it with a gas flame – you can see an example of this with pictures of the dog toy in the gallery to your left – but keep in mind this gives the rope a burnt smell which I like but you may not. If you’d like the scorched finish then let me know in the ‘special instructions’ when ordering.

The rope is sometimes a little rough and can on rare occasion be a bit scratchy. The rope smells of hemp which fades over time. Natural Hemp Rope is best suited for indoor use as it will only last about 2 years outside.

You can clean the rope with a bone dry nail brush if you choose to.

The diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension. This can lead to 100% Natural Hemp Rope having a thicker diameter than actually stated when not under load  but this doesn’t often apply to the 36mm.

Rope pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual rope may vary slightly from these illustrations. Please note that VAT is not applicable on these products.

If you’re in the United States of America, or anywhere else outside the United Kingdom for that matter, please place your order not on the website but by getting in contact via email instead. Many thanks:

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO DRILL ANY HOLES IN YOUR POSTS UNITL AFTER YOU GET THE ROPE!!! Best to use a drill bit that is 3-4mm bigger than the rope that is directly in front of you. But I don’t recommend this rope for outside anyway as it will rot away in 2 years or so. For outside you should get Synthetic hemp or Manila rope – I sell both.

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