Landscaping Rope, Stair Rope, Decking Rope and More Rope

 The picture above is of 36mm synthetic hemp with manrope knots *both ends* – find out how that was possible below!

Different ropes for different folks and different uses. Be sure to read the rope description to make sure the rope you’re buying is the right one for you but briefly explained here:

Decking Rope:

Goldern rule: DON’T DRILL ANY HOLES until after you get the rope and use a drill bit at least a few mm bigger than the rope sitting in front of you. This is because all rope is often thicker than stated (this is especially true for manila rope) and if the hole you’re pulling it through is tight you will scruff up the rope – it’ll also be an absolute nightmare pulling it through. So you want a decent sized hole made after you’ve gotten the rope.

If you don’t want to drill holes in your posts then I sell ‘manager rings’ in the ‘miscellaneous’ section of the website.

For decking rope you have a choice between manila or synthetic hemp but manila being natural will shorten and thicken when wet and must be installed with plenty of drape while synthetic hemp will remain uniform.

Commonly asked questions:

Q: How do I thread my rope through holes in my posts but have a manrope knot both ends? A: Order the rope with a manrope knot on both ends but ask me to cut one off in the ‘special instructions’ and I will cut the knot off with a heat knife about an inch or so from the knot. After threading the rope through you can then super glue the knot back on again hiding the scare in the post. This trick of making it look like you did your own knots is only possible with Synthetic hemp.

Q: How long with the rope last outside? A: Synthetic hemp and Manila rope last about 9 years outside. A great deal depends on how much direct sunlight it is exposed to and in the case of the Manila rope whether it gets a chance to dry out or not. A common point of failure for natural ropes outside is in the post where it can’t dry out.

Q: Can I use natural hemp outside? A: I don’t recommend it. It will rot away within a year or two. For outdoor natural rope I only recommend Manila rope.


Any rope that is 24mm or above in thickness. Most people go for the 36mm Synthetic hemp or the 36mm Natural hemp. Synthetic hemp is the safer bet as it is completely smooth and odourless whereas the Natural hemp is neither but nevertheless the 36mm Natural hemp is the most popular due to its aesthetic.