Stair Rope Banisters / Rope Handrail

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A ROPE BANISTER OR ROPE HANDRAIL gives any home an authentic nautical feature while making safe stairways that don’t suit conventional banisters. Our ‘no stem’ blacksmith brackets have a low profile for narrow stairs at just 39mm for 24mm rope and 53mm for 36mm rope. (A full list of dimensions can be found on the Brackets page).

Banisters arrive ready to mount on the wall with screws and raw plugs provided. The length of your banister is up to you but most people take it from the first stair to the last.

The most popular rope is 36mm Synthetic Hemp closely followed by 36mm Natural Hemp and the most popular brackets are the black, blacksmith brackets, with stem.

I suggest one bracket for every metre, so 4m requires 5x brackets. The length you give me is from the first bracket to the last. If you are going around corners, have an uneven wall or want to avoid obstacles like windows then request brackets to be ‘FLOATING’ in the ‘special instructions’ so that you can position and fix the brackets on the rope exactly where you need them before mounting to the wall.

Fixing brackets to the rope yourself is a case of screwing in the grub bolt provided (this is quick and easy with the blacksmith brackets but more involved with the chrome/brass type brackets where the grub bolt has to go through the rope first – but I’m on hand to give you advice). Mounting screws supplied.

It’s not unusual to feel unsure of something when ordering your first rope banister so feel free to get in touch with any queries and I’ll talk you through it. And I can email you an invoice instead if you’d prefer that than using the website. 

TO ORDER A STAIR ROPE BANISTER HANDRAIL simply put the rope and brackets you’d like into the shopping cart and checkout. I’ll put it all together so when you get your stair rope banister it’s all ready to mount.  More comprehensive instructions below if you need them.

I AM ALWAYS ON HAND TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS and see pictures of where you plan to put the stair rope banister and on hand to email over an invoice if you prefer that to ordering over the website. Ring or WhatsApp me on 07779 255924 or email me at:

How to Order a Rope Banister

(Quick Summary: Add the rope and the brackets you’d like to the ‘shopping basket’ and then check out)

  • First, go to the rope page of your choice.

  • Choose a 24mm or above rope diameter and enter the correct length for your banister. The length is from the first bracket to the last unless you say otherwise in the ‘Special Instructions’ (for example you’d like the length to include the manrope knots). If you’d like drape then add 2% to your straight length for a subtle drape. If you’re not sure how much drape is right for you then you can do this exercise: measure out a metre of line, add 2cm, then bring back to start – that’s 2% drape – repeat for 3cm and so on. Keep in mind that the rope will stretch a bit with use.

  • Then choose how you’d like the ends finished. Most people get Decorative Manrope Knots or Soft-Eye Splices but there’s also the Mathew Walker Knot and the Back-Splice to choose from as well.

  • Add to your shopping basket.

  • Secondly, choose your desired type of brackets by clicking on ‘Brackets’ in the menu above. Be sure to match the correct bracket to the correct diameter rope you’ve chosen.

  • I suggest 1 bracket per metre so a 3 metre banister will have 4 brackets. I don’t advise going more than 1 bracket every 1.5 metres.

  • Add these to your “Shopping Basket”.

  • Check your shopping basket then start the payment process