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"We are so pleased with the rustic yet nautical effect ... The rope is extremely tough and is excellent quality; it feels strong, although it is soft to the touch."
- Emma & Patrick MacColl, Wiltshire

Please Note: If you'd like to order the 'Matthew Walker Knot' then please order the 'Decorative Manrope Knot' and specifiy in the 'special instructions' (which will come up during the ordering process) that that is what you you'd like.

The same applies to the 'Endcup'. If you'd like to order an 'Endcup' then please order the 'Endcap' and specifiy in the 'special instructions' during the ordering process that that is what you'd like.

If you're in the United States of America, or anywhere else outside the United Kingdom for that matter, please place your order not on the website but by getting in contact via email instead. Many thanks:

Please read all of the information below before ordering.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO DRILL ANY HOLES IN YOUR POSTS UNITL AFTER YOU GET THE ROPE!!! Best to use a drill bit that is 3-4mm bigger than the rope that is directly in front of you.

Ideal for the Garden, for Decking and for Barriers, Synthetic Hemp is also known as PolyHemp or Hardy Hemp.

Advantages of Synthetic Hemp:
• Anti-UV treatment • A consistently accurate diameter
• Higher breaking load than natural ropes
• Doesn't rot when wet • No risk of splinters
• Has the appearance of natural rope • Odourless

An example of the use of two lengths of 16mm Synthetic Hemp Rope with Back Splices on both ends on a garden swing chair.

Rope Manager Rings
We also sell Manager Rings for 24mm and 36mm rope.

Be inspired! See our Synthetic Hemp Rope in action!

The following table gives breaking load information for various sizes of Synthetic Hemp rope.


6   1.6   300  
8   2.8   500  
10   4.3   950  
12   6.3   1360  
14   8.1   1910  
16   10.4   2500  
18   13.0   3170  
20   16.0   4220  
22   19.0   4510  
24   23.0   4930  


Rope pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual rope may vary slightly from these illustrations.

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