Synthetic Hemp Dog Lead 8mm. 1.1 Metres Long


My Synthetic hemp nautically themed dog lead is unique, I haven’t found a similar design for sale anywhere on the internet. Synthetic hemp is hardier than natural rope so will last longer. It is also light, lighter than water, so handy to carry and good for small dogs who don’t want too much weight on the collar.

The trigger hook is marine grade stainless and so is the the ring in the handle. The ring is there to hook on your keys or dog egg bag dispenser and you could also tie on a used bag so you don’t have to carry it. The rope diameter is 8mm.

Everything is handmade to order and the length is approximate so give or take 3 or 4cm. As standard I sell them at 1.1 metres (including the trigger hook) which is ideal for urban areas but I can make them any length you like. Just let me know in the ‘special instructions’ what length you’d like. If you don’t want the stainless ring in the handle then let me know in the ‘special instructions’ to leave it out. I can also make it out of 12mm synthetic hemp if you prefer, again, ‘special instructions’.

Everything made to order. 7 day lead time from ordering.

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions concerning your purchase please detail them in this box, thank you.