Manila Rope : 36mm diameter


This rope is accurate at 36mm and will fit my 36mm banister brackets (the rope industry actually sells this as 32mm). Manila rope can give a rope banister an authentic rustic look so if that is what you’re going for then this rope is ideal.

If you plan to use this rope outside then keep in mind that it will shrink and thicken when wet so it is very important to install with a decent amount of drape. DON’T DRILL ANY HOLES in decking posts until after you get the rope and make sure the holes are at least a good few millimetres bigger than the rope in front of you – this is because the rope might have relaxed and be thicker than 36mm by the time you get it.

Ideal for the Garden, for Decking and for Barriers, the aesthetic and versatile Manila rope is the landscape gardener’s rope of choice. Made from the leaves of the Musa Textilis, it can last as long as 10 years and weathers from it’s initial brown colour to an agreeable brown/grey.

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If you’re in the United States of America, or anywhere else outside the United Kingdom for that matter, please place your order not on the website but by getting in contact via email instead. Many thanks:

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO DRILL ANY HOLES IN YOUR POSTS UNITL AFTER YOU GET THE ROPE!!! Best to use a drill bit that is 3-4mm bigger than the rope that is directly in front of you.

Rope pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Actual rope may vary slightly from these illustrations. Please note that VAT is not applicable on these products.

Important! Manila Rope can naturally expand in diameter and shorten in length by up to 10% when wet.

The diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension. This can lead to Manila Rope having a thicker diameter than actually stated when not under load: the diameter can be 2mm to 6mm greater than stated and even 20mm greater on the much larger diameter ropes.

Please take this into account when selecting diameter size prior to ordering. It is best not to drill any holes in any posts until after receiving the rope and we recommend you choose a drill bit approximately 4mm greater than the rope’s diameter.

Can’t find the diameter you’re looking for? Get in touch and I’ll see if I can source it.

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