Magic Rope / Professor’s Nightmare / Professor’s Three Rope Trick Mystery


BRIGHT WHITE COTTON AND CORELESS this rope is easy to see in any venue and handles beautifully making it the professional magicians rope of first choice. To make this rope even better the ends are professionally whipped so they’ll never fray making it the last 3 rope trick set you’ll ever have to buy.

The ends come whipped in white as standard. Let me know in the ‘special instructions’ if you’d prefer them all in black, red, blue or tan instead.

Rope is already cut to length and ready to go:

Short piece: 8 inches
Medium piece: 28 inches
Long piece: 49 inches.

This 3 rope set is for the magic trick whereby three different length ropes become three equal length ropes. The trick has several names: Professor’s Nightmare / Professor’s Three Rope Trick Mystery / 3 Rope Trick.

Instructions on how to perform the trick can be found on YouTube.

Special Instructions

If you have any special instructions concerning your purchase please detail them in this box, thank you.