Bag Restraining Car Organiser & Anti-Bag Snatching Line


After a bag of supermarket shopping ended up in the footwell of my car from breaking at a junction, for the hundredth time, I invented this handy bit of line to secure my shopping bags and stop it happening again. It can also be used to stop bag snatchers if you are in an area where the thieves are especially dextrous – al fresco at a central Paris café for example. Or anywhere in Barcelona.

Simply thread the head rest through the loop and then thread the line through the handles of your bags and clip on with the trigger hook. It is about 19 inches long and made of 6mm synthetic hemp with loops made from double Matthew Walker knots, it is light and handy to keep on you. If someone wants to sit in the car seat just twist it round so it hangs in the back.

Special Instructions

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