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Rope and Splice is now proud to offer natural Curtain Tie Backs (also known as Curtain Hold Backs). All handmade to order, they consist of a length of rope with a decorative stopper knot in the middle, a manrope knot one end and a soft-eye splice the other. The manrope knot goes inside the soft-eye splice to hold the curtain in place.

All £13.90 each with FREE postage and packaging!

Available in 8mm and 12mm Natural Hemp and Cotton rope.

eg. Length undone: approx. 72cm
Diameter done up: approx. 22cm

The length of the Curtain Tie Back can be changed by just mentioning your desired length in the Special Instructions box to the left.

Looking for different dimensions or a different type of rope for your tie back? No problem at all, get in touch for bespoke curtain tie backs.

Back of Curtain Rope Hold Back/Tie Back in use
View of the back of a Cotton Rope Curtain Tie Back

Cotton Rope Curtain Rope Tie Back/Hold Back
Cotton Rope Curtain Tie Back

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