Decorative Chrome/Brass Stairs Rope Banister (Handrail) Brackets

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Please read all of the information below before ordering. Chrome and Brass brackets are DECORATIVE ONLY and not a safety feature because they can snap under sudden load. See Blacksmith Brackets for strength.

All stairs rope banisters (also known as handrails) come fully-assembled and ready for installation.

These stairs rope banister brackets are offered as a cheaper alternative to the handmade Blacksmith Banister Brackets BUT although they look and feel strong enough the manufacturer's note makes perfectly clear that they are meant for DECORATIVE purposes only and are not a safety feature. They have been known to snap under sudden load.

Lead time: 2-4 weeks.

It is Rope and Splice's policy to be completely straight with its customers so as well as saying these brackets are designed to be only decorative it will also point out that all the brackets come from the factory with some scratches or other somewhere as they seem completely incapable of doing otherwise. However, you can only spot these blemishes when looking at them close-up and it in no way ruins the overall effect.

Total Heights

24mm brackets: 8cm
36mm brackets: 8.5cm

Rope banisters come ready for installation so all the brackets are on the rope.

The banister brackets are fixed equal distance from one another on the rope but if you're turning a corner or avoiding windows or an uneven bit of wall etc. then it's best to ask for the brackets to be 'floating' for you to fix to the rope yourself on-site. Request this in the 'Special Instructions' box. Note: Fixing the brackets to the rope is very easy with Blacksmith Banister Brackets but pretty difficult to do with the Chrome and Brass Banister Brackets.

For a little drape you only need to add 2% to your total length. The length is taken from the first and last bracket so that means the length does not include the 'Manrope Knots'.

Don't worry too much about drape as you can always move the end brackets an inch or two closer together to add drape or further apart to take it away when you install the banister rope.

How to Order a Rope Banister (Handrail)

  1. First, go to the rope page of your choice, choose 24mm or 36mm diameter and enter the correct length for your banister. The length being between the Decorative Manrope Knots or to the ends of the Soft-Eye Splices - so from the first bracket to the last basically, unless you state otherwise in the 'Special Instructions' box. Then choose either Decorative Manrope Knots or Soft-Eye Splices to finish the ends, then add to your shopping basket.
  2. Then come back to this page, and on the left (or above on mobiles), select the Type of Bracket you would like, choose the Finish (coating), then enter the number you require in the box above. I suggest 1 bracket per metre so a 3 metre banister will have 4 brackets. I don't advise going more than 1 bracket every 1.5 metres. Add these to your "Shopping Basket".
  3. Your shopping basket should now show the rope you need and the brackets, so you can then order and pay. The product will be delivered to you with the brackets already attached to the rope.

For bespoke brackets please get in contact via email for a quote.

The total length of the finished product is inclusive of the end brackets.

I endeavour to make the banister as accurately as possible to your specifications but I work to a margin of error of 5cm in the finished length.

Remember to include drape in your calculations, should you want any.

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