English Oak Button Swing

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How to Order the English Oak Button Swing.

Phase 1, Add the button swing to your shopping basket.
Phase 2, Select your rope type, diameter and how the ends are finished and then add the rope to your shopping basket.

This product works best with 36mm Synthetic hemp rope but you can order 36mm Manila or 24mm Manila or 24mm Synthetic hemp if you like.

There are three ways of fixing it.

Method 1, Get a long enough length of rope whipped both ends, one end is tied to the tree and the other end you make a simple stop knot for the button swing to rest on. This is the cheapest option.

Method 2, Get a long enough length of rope with a manrope knot one end, to act as a stopper knot that the button swing will rest on, and whipped the other end to make off to the tree.

Method 3, Get a long enough length of rope with a soft-eye splice on end and whipped the other. You then place the soft-eye over the tree branch, thread through the whipped end and then pull tight (see photo below). With the rope now secured to the tree branch you can put the button swing on and make your own stopper knot for the button to rest on.

Close-up of Knot to Fix Oak Button Swing to Tree
36mm synthetic hemp with soft-eye one end and whipped the other secured to a tree branch

"But I don't know how long the rope needs to be and I don't fancy climbing a tree to find out". Remember; a rope too long is manageable but a rope too short is a complete disaster. So err on the side of getting too much.

~Note: Add about 60cm for the self-made button swing stopper knot for 36mm ropes and about 40cm for the 24mm ropes. Diameter of a button swing is just over 30 cm (1 foot) approximately.

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